June 1, 2020

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Bill Gates and George Soros have two things in common: They’re both billionaires and both often the target of conspiracy theories.

During the pandemic, Gates has been linked to false claims about using a coronavirus vaccine to microchip the population. A recent Facebook post uses a similar ploy to discourage people from getting tested for the virus.

“This is what Bill Gates and George Soros want to do,” the post says, “secretly stick you with a chip while testing you for the coronavirus… the Dems have a bill on the House floor ready to vote on it to require this …. House Bill 6666…. no bull…. look it up and WAKE UP!!!!”

The post also shows an illustrated cross-section of a person’s nasal passage and mouth while he tilts his head back. In the illustration, someone with white gloves inserts a long swab up the person’s nose into the nasal passage. An arrow pointing toward the end of the swab says: “Implant microchip here.”

“If they have to dig this deep to get to ‘infected’ tissues then it isn’t coming out when you talk to someone closer than 6ft,” reads text over the image.

PolitiFact has previously fact-checked several incorrect claims about coronavirus, microchips, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates and liberal billionaire investor George Soros. We couldn’t find any credible evidence to support the claims being made against the men in this Facebook post.

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