President Trump is wrong that greater testing is driving the coronavirus case load

If increased testing were the only reason for a surge in new cases, the percentage of positive tests should be dropping or leveling off.

June 29, 2020
Category: Fact-Checking

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There’s no doubt COVID-19 testing is on the rise.

Here in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I’m based, the line for drive-thru testing at a nearby hospital is regularly snaked around the block by 9 a.m. And last week in the U.S., the COVID Tracking Project recorded 2 million new tests and nearly 30 millions tests since the start of the pandemic.

President Donald Trump’s explanation for rising counts of U.S. coronavirus cases is that we’re testing more people for the virus.

On June 23, Trump tweeted, “Cases up only because of our big number testing. Mortality rate way down!!!”

While the number of coronavirus tests being conducted is rising over time, the positivity rate — which is the percentage of tests that come up positive for the virus — has also been rising since early June. And that undermines Trump’s argument.

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