Fact-checking at the U.N., creating standards for polling and protecting yourself from legal issues

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October 2, 2019

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The U.N. General Assembly concluded Monday, and for the first time, 23 fact-checking organizations from 17 countries coordinated efforts to verify statements from the event.

Through the efforts of the Poynter-owned International Fact-Checking Network, we learned it wasn’t a world leader who sparked the most disinformation; it was teen climate activist and U.N. speaker Greta Thunberg. Hoaxes surrounding Thunberg’s family, image and activism have proliferated all over the world.

Daniela Flamini documents the multitude of international Thunberg conspiracies and corresponding fact-checks for Poynter — and looks into why the 16-year-old is being targeted with weaponized disinformation in the first place.

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