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January 22, 2020

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Do you find yourself in a new position of power? Whether you’ve strategically climbed the career ladder or are the reluctant recipient of a battlefield promotion, it’s time to rise to the occasion.

Poynter’s program for new managers is so popular that we started offering it twice a year — and the deadline for the spring session is coming up. You’ll learn how to conduct yourself when you don’t feel confident (i.e., fight imposter syndrome), understand your blind spots and go back to the newsroom with a practical game plan to elevate your whole team. You got this!

Essential Skills for Rising Newsroom Leaders

In-person workshop at the Poynter Institute, March 29-April 3

“This seminar has reminded me why I’m doing this job, why I took the job, why I’m suited for it — and how I can get better at it!” wrote one participant. “I honestly believe I will look back on this week as a defining moment in my career.”

This popular five-day seminar will give you the tools and confidence you need to lead and grow a staff of high-performing journalists. This course is ideal for new managers, leaders with little formal training and/or journalists about to get promoted. You will learn how to establish your credibility as a leader, manage people who were once your peers and conduct difficult conversations that get results. You’ll return home with confidence and management tools that will begin paying dividends immediately.

Cost: $1,550. Deadline: Feb. 17. Apply now.

Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media

In-person workshop at the Poynter Institute, June 14-19

A Poynter teaching partnership with The Washington Post

The Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media is a transformative, tuition-free leadership program that trains journalists of color working in digital media to thrive professionally and personally.

This seminar fosters honest discourse about the challenges for journalists of color in management roles. It also provides the connections, confidence and skills to confront them.

Accepted applicants will have direct access to top media executives, receive practical advice on career planning and gain a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully lead today’s digital news organizations.

Cost: Thanks to the generous support of program sponsors, tuition for the academy is free. Deadline: Feb. 14. Apply now.

Write Your Heart Out: The Craft of the Personal Essay

Online group seminar, Jan. 24-Feb. 21

Over the course of four weeks you will discover how to cultivate powerful stories from your life and tell them in ways that will resonate with others, whether in print or online. You will learn to shed the shackles of storytelling conventions and insecurities, and you’ll see how to take those experiences from an idea to an essay that an editor wants to publish and the public wants to read.

Cost: $349. Deadline: Jan. 24. Enroll now.

Becoming a More Effective Writer

Online group seminar, Feb. 3-28

Over the course of four weeks you will learn how to build the reporting and writing habits you need to organize your information better and write more clearly. Whether you write breaking news alerts, meeting summaries, business plans or email, you’ll learn the tools you need to deliver what your readers want. Be prepared to analyze your own writing. We’ll provide plenty of short and long writing examples to understand the various writing tools taught in this seminar. No formal evaluations or grades are given, but participants are provided detailed and individual feedback.

Cost: $429. Deadline: Feb. 3. Apply now.


Leadership Academy
In-person at the Poynter Institute, Sept. 20-25
This highly interactive, five-day program offers participants the chance to refine their leadership styles, update their understanding of management and media trends and tools, and receive personal coaching that will accelerate their effectiveness as leaders. Deadline: Aug. 3. Apply now.


Poynter Producer Project
Online and in-person at the Poynter Institute, March 10-April 7

We’re combining the best of online learning with in-person coaching and mentoring to help you tell stronger stories and make tough calls on deadline. This unique seminar will help you expand your expertise as a TV producer with new writing, storytelling, coaching and ethical decision-making skills. Cost: $550. Deadline: Feb. 17. Apply now.

TV Power Reporting Academy
Online: Sept. 8-Oct. 6; In-Person: Sept. 25-27
In this hybrid online and in-person training, you will get individual feedback on your work, hone your critical thinking and learn to find the stories that others miss. When you’re done, you’ll have a toolkit full of practical skills and a roadmap to move your career ahead. Apply by Aug. 17. Cost: $550. Apply now.


ACES In-Depth Editing Online Group Seminar (Spring 2020)
Online group seminar, March 9-April 3
This in-depth editing seminar is for experienced editors who are seeking to move their work to a new level. You’ll hone your skills and edit strategically, and learn how to use critical thinking skills across multiple platforms and disciplines. Members of ACES get a $50 discount. Contact ACES for your coupon code. Deadline: March 9. Cost: $449. Enroll now.

Summit for Reporters and Editors
In-person seminar at the Poynter Institute, May 3-8
In this week-long specialized training, you will learn to use digital approaches and narrative writing techniques to transform your work, whether it’s a daily story or a major project. Deadline: March 27. Cost: $1,550. Apply now.

Poynter-Koch Media and Journalism Fellowship: 2020-2021
Fellowship blending education opportunities with work experience, June 2020-May 2021
Are you an early career journalist who wants to accelerate your future? The Poynter-Koch Media & Journalism Fellowship provides the cohort, coaching and career-starting job you need to level up as a media professional. Deadline: Feb. 28. Apply now.

Teachapalooza: Front Edge Teaching Tools for College Educators
In-person seminar at the Poynter Institute, June 5-7
This seminar will get you up to date on the technology and trends that shape journalism, show you the latest ways educators are using innovation in their classrooms, and focus on data storytelling and new storytelling platforms. Apply by April 30. Cost: $350. Early bird pricing: $299 for first 50 registrants. Apply now.

A Journalists Guide to Covering Jails — Memphis
Regional training in Memphis, Tennessee, June 24-25
This intensive two-day workshop will focus on understanding the causes and consequences of local jail incarceration and explore some ways that communities are addressing the issue. The sessions will be practical, inspiring and non-political. Deadline: April 24. Cost: Free for selected applicants. Apply now.

A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Jails — Minneapolis
Regional training in Minneapolis, Aug. 4-5
This intensive two-day workshop will focus on understanding the causes and consequences of local jail incarceration and explore some ways that communities are addressing the issue. The sessions will be practical, inspiring and non-political.
Deadline: June 12. Cost: Free for selected applicants. Apply now.

The Power of Diverse Voices: The Poynter Minority Writers Workshop
In-person workshop at the Poynter Institute, Nov. 12-15
This transformative four-day seminar will help journalists from a wide spectrum of backgrounds find their voices and build skills for writing opinion pieces and personal essays. Apply by July 31. Cost: Free for selected applicants. Apply now.

Covering the American Muslim Community: Ideas and Insights to Guide Your Reporting
This webinar is part of a media training series by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding that aims to both alleviate the pressure on reporters thrust into covering issues related to American Muslims and connect journalists with expert sources and original research on American Muslims. This webinar will enable reporters to go beyond standard talking points by providing up-to-date, empirical research. Broadcast: May 3, 2018Cost: Free. Replay now.

Investigating Jails
Self-directed course
This course is organized into three one-hour lessons each centered on an area of great importance in covering jails: mental illness, financial injustice and mistreatment. Each lesson features one or two journalism projects as a driving vehicle for learning, breaking down the reporting process for each with the help of the journalist behind the piece. Cost: Free. Enroll now. 


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