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Global Fact 4

The Global Fact-Checking Summit (Global Fact) is the premier conference dedicated to fact-checking worldwide. Global Fact is organized by Poynter's International Fact-Checking Network and has been held every year since 2014.

At Global Fact, fact-checkers from all continents meet to share experiences about evaluating public discourse and getting closer to the truth. The fifth iteration of the summit will be held in Rome in July 20-22 2018. Find out more and express your interest in participating at this link.

Through the summit, the International Fact-Checking Network seeks to serve journalists by bringing them information about the latest trends and formats, technology and other tools in order to raise their standards, help them reach wider audiences and consolidate themselves as trusted sources of information. That way, they can contribute to the transparency and quality of public discourse in their countries.

Global Fact is a practitioners' conference. Topics are chosen based on the needs of working fact-checkers and sessions are structured so as to encourage new initiatives to emerge.

Fact-checkers "speed-meetings" at Global Fact 4
Fact-checkers' "speed meetings" at Global Fact 4

188 participants from 53 countries attended Global Fact 4 in Madrid in July 2017. The agenda included sessions about academic research on fact-checking, collaborative efforts around the world and automation. The keynote speaker was Katherine Maher, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation. (Read more about Global Fact 4 in this report by The Washington Post).

At Global Fact 3, fact-checkers agreed on a code of principles and suggested launching an International Fact-Checking Day.

Global Fact 5 will take place in Rome on June 20-22, 2018. Global Fact 6 will take place in Cape Town in the summer of 2019. Find out more details and express your interest here.

Ana Pastor of El Objetivo at Global Fact 4
Ana Pastor of El Objetivo presents at Global Fact 4 in Madrid

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