IFCN Crowdfunding Match Program

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) will match up to $85,000 in contributions made to crowdfunding campaigns for fact-checking initiatives around the world.

Fact-checkers seek to help the public distinguish fact from fiction in an increasingly noisy information landscape. For this reason, they have often benefited from their public’s support through crowdfunding. These campaigns have assisted fact-checkers in ArgentinaBrazilItaly, the United Kingdom, the United States and beyond.

Crowdfunding is not just a way to pay the bills: It is an indication that a community values this type of journalism. The IFCN will match up to $15,000 per individual crowdfunding campaign for a fact-checking initiative. The match can be used on any campaign conducted by a fact-checking project in supports of its core mission.


$85,000 in total, spread across the following time periods:

$10,000 in Sept.-Dec. 2017. Fully assigned (see below).

$30,000 in Jan.-Dec. 2018. Fully assigned (see below).

$30,000 in Jan.-Dec. 2019 $15,000 assigned (see below).

$15,000 in Jan.-Jun. 2020


  1. Applicants must hail from a fact-checking organization that is a signatory of the IFCN code of principles or commit to complying with the code’s application and verification process by the end of the campaign.
  2. The applicants must be conducting a public online crowdfunding campaign.
  3. The match is conditional on the crowdfunding campaign being supported by at least 150 individual donors. Campaigns with 300 donors or more will be strongly preferred.
  4. The IFCN will review applications that meet the above requirements and award the match according to the need for the funds and the potential impact of the project, with an eye to ensuring geographic balance among recipients of the match.
  5. The IFCN will match up to $15,000 per individual campaign. Repeat applicants in subsequent years will be considered on a case-to-case basis.
  6. Crowdfunding campaigns run by organizations with legal or financial ties to The Poynter Institute or its staff are not eligible.


  1. Submit your application at least three weeks before the closing date of your crowdfunding campaign through this form. (We receive applications on a rolling basis.)
  2. The IFCN will evaluate applications within two weeks. Due to the large amount of applications we expect to receive, we will only follow up with finalists. If you do not hear back within two weeks from your application, it is not being considered.
  3. We will only match until we exhaust the total yearly amount available — so apply early.

For any questions about how the Crowdfunding Match Program works and whether your project could qualify, email factchecknet@poynter.org.

2017 matched campaigns

Descriptions are submitted by the organizations themselves


Chequeado conducted its 5th annual crowdfunding campaign between September 18 and October 22 2017. The campaign sought small donations from a diffuse group of donors. Crowdfunding is the ideal platform by which we preserve our autonomy and editorial independence. Furthermore, this campaign had the added advantage of creating a medium through which we could directly involve our audience in our mission. This was especially significant as, beyond fact-checking, Chequeado seeks to engage and educate the public in the process of fact-checking. Our aim was to raise $150.000 ARS (around 8,500 USD) through 200 donors. Our message this year was clear and at the core of Chequeado´s mission: become one of the 200 defenders of truth. We surpassed our goal, raising $193.696 ARS (around 11,000 USD) through 215 donors! In addition, thanks to IFCN matching fund of USD $5.000, we reached a total of USD $16.000. With this support, we have been able to cover the midterm elections in Argentina contributing to the debate with facts and fact-checking the leading candidates.

Doğruluk Payi.

Dogruluk Payi from Turkey had a successful two week long fundraising campaign, collecting 30.000 Turkish Liras (7.500USD)  from 342 supporters. The fundraising campaign supported by the IFCN Crowd-funding match program was instrumental to develop the bond between the Turkish fact-checking organization and it’s follower base, which amounts up to 200 thousand users on Facebook and Twitter combined. RT’s and endorsements from various figures, including celebrities in the country showed how Dogruluk Payi managed to present fact-checking as a tool to promote data-driven political discourse in the politically polarized country.

2018 matched campaigns

Descriptions are submitted by the organizations themselves


In December 2017, the Ukrainian fact-checking project VoxCheck started monitoring and rating of statements of top Ukrainian politicians regularly ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2019. At the same time, VoxCheck launched its second crowdfunding campaign. VoxCheck aims to prepare an online “Anthology of falsehood and manipulation”, based on the project’s regular monitoring and fact-checking. The platform will be available to users by January 2019. During its crowdfunding campaign VoxCheck collected 582 000 hryvnya (or $22 400) from 355 donors with a target 500 000 ($19 200). IFCN matching program support amounted to $15 000, bringing the crowdfunding total to $37 400. With this support, VoxCheck will be able to cover political rhetoric until the end of 2019 and launch the anthology.

La Silla Vacía

The Colombian independent journalism outlet and fact-checker La Silla Vacía attracted more than 1,000 small donors for the first time in its history. In its 6th annual crowdfunding campaign between Oct. 11 and Nov 19, La Silla raised $145.052.000 Colombian pesos (approximately $45.400 USD) from 1146 donors.  The organization views ‘SúperAmigos’ (its small donors) as partners and members of our community. They are responsible for making possible several projects possible. This year, with their support and the additional $15.000 USD from IFCN’s Crowdfunding match, the newsroom will increase it social media presence with new content specifically developed to reach the audiences in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The goal is to be closer to the misinformation that circulates in social media so as to have a greater focus in fact-checking them. With regional elections next year, the objective is to rapidly detect false claims of candidates.

2019 matched campaigns

Descriptions are submitted by the organizations themselves

Maldito Bulo

This year 2019 will be crucial in Spain. We will be having European elections as well as all other EU countries but we will also have Local as well as Regional elections and maybe even a General election. Disinformation already proved to be an excellent tool to somehow shift elections or at least to influence a large number of voters. With the IFCN help we will bring a new person for one year to MALDITA.ES that will join our political disinformation team. With this new help we will improve our vigilance of disinformation, we’ll be able to investigate and publish more cases and we will strengthen our reach, defending so the right of every person to have truthful information that will help them in their decision making processes.