About the International Fact-Checking Network

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter has been a champion for the best practices and exchanges of fact-based information since it was established in 2015. Today, the IFCN is a global leader in fact-checking excellence, providing more than 100 operations around the world with:

Opportunities to connect with fact-checkers from countries around the world at events like IFCN Talks, Global Fact and International Fact-Checking Day.

Meet the IFCN team:

Baybars Örsek

Alanna Dvorak
International Training Manager

Ferdi Ferhat Özsoy
Program Manager

Deirdre Gonsalves
Program Officer

Enock Nyariki
Community and Impact Manager

Seth Smalley

To learn more, consult the International Fact-Checking Network’s Bylaws enacted on September 24, 2020, read our transparency statement or contact us at factchecknet@poynter.org.