About the International Fact-Checking Network

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter has been a champion for the best practices and exchanges of fact-based information since it was established in 2015. Today, the IFCN is a global leader in fact-checking excellence, providing more than 100 operations around the world with:

  • Resources to adopt basic fact-checking standards including the IFCN’s Code of Principles
  • Grants and fellowships to help fact-checkers, solution providers and other eligible organizations launch new and innovative fact-checking programs and initiatives
  • Online and in-person trainings to help fact-checkers develop critical skills, build capacity and contribute to public discourse
  • Analyses of the field’s latest developments in articles and a weekly newsletter to identify and forecast industry trends, surface common positions of fact-checkers worldwide and monitor global policy-making about fact-checking

Opportunities to connect with fact-checkers from countries around the world at events like IFCN Talks, Global Fact and International Fact-Checking Day.

Meet the IFCN team:

Baybars Örsek

Ferdi Ferhat Özsoy
Program Manager

Alanna Dvorak
International Training Project Manager

The IFCN is hiring a community and impact manager, program officer and reporter. Click  here to see the job descriptions and applications.

To learn more, consult the International Fact-Checking Network’s Bylaws enacted on September 24, 2020, read our transparency statement or contact us at factchecknet@poynter.org.