MediaWise Campus Correspondents

MediaWise Campus Correspondents are a group of college students at diverse schools across the country who teach their peers to tell fact from fiction online. They were central to the success of the MediaWise Voter Project, a nonprofit and nonpartisan program of The Poynter Institute that taught digital literacy skills to more than 1 million first-time voters in 2020.

Our first group of 10 college students conducted virtual digital literacy trainings for their peers across campuses nationwide:

  • 80+ trainings conducted over six months
  • 2,000+ students reached
  • 20+ states

More than 90% of training participants surveyed “agree” or “strongly agree” they will “go to the polls with the most accurate information and feel confident about the candidates, campaigns and issues on the ballot” after receiving MediaWise training from the Campus Correspondents. In addition to training their peers through Zoom, the Campus Correspondents created fact-check and digital media literacy content for social media, including TikTok and Instagram.

Now, for the 2021-22 academic year, thirteen new Campus Correspondents will continue that work, focusing on a return to campus amid the COVID-19 crisis. This new cohort of students will focus on helping their classmates learn to spot online falsehoods on social media and beyond.

2021-2022 Campus Correspondents

2020-2021 Campus Correspondents