MediaWise Voter Project (#MVP)

Teaching first-time voters how to find reliable and accurate information about the 2020 election

Vote based on fact, not fiction! Learn how to fact-check political misinformation before you cast your ballot for the first time.

What you can do

Prep for the Polls

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MediaWise Voter Guide

The MediaWise Voter Guide is an 8-part YouTube video series hosted by influencer Evelyn from the Internets. She covers political ads, research, polls and more.

About #MVP


MediaWise Ambassadors are prominent journalists, influencers, and creators who help us raise awareness about media literacy education with Americans of all ages. This year we welcomed YouTube creator Tyler Oakley, Washington Post TikTok creator Dave Jorgenson, anchor of PBS NewsHour Weekend Hari Sreenivasan, and PBS Student Reporting Labs as ambassadors for the MediaWise Voter Project.

Meet all the Ambassadors who support our cause.

Campus Correspondents

This group of 11 engaged first-time voters joined MVP at the start of the year to teach their peers how to fact-check the election. They create social media infographics, spread awareness of the project, and host online media literacy trainings — with more than 75 planned between now and Election Day.

Meet the Correspondents here.


After successfully collaborating on the Navigating Digital Information series, MediaWise partnered with John Green’s production company Complexly again to produce the voter guide series. We are also proud to work with @kalesalad on Instagram (popular meme account with 4 million followers) to create posts that promote media literacy skills ahead of the election. MediaWise also served in an advisory capacity for the production of three videos produced by ATTN:.


Before travel was restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, MVP held in-person teaching events for University of Iowa students in January 2020, University of New Hampshire students in February 2020, and in New York City for 200 high school students during a youth civic engagement summit in March hosted by WNET, America’s flagship PBS station.

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The percentage of first-time voters who do not feel they have enough information about candidates and issues to decide how to vote, according to the Knight Foundation

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