Prep for the Polls

Learn how to fact-check the election on social media as a first-time voter.

Want to know how to prep for the polls as a first-time voter this election season? Step one: take this free text message course!

Sign up here to receive daily text messages from the MediaWise Voter Project (#MVP2020) and learn how to find reliable and accurate information on social media about the election. For 10 days, you’ll receive a message each day from the MediaWise team’s Heaven Taylor-Wynn, with 5 minutes of info that will help you feel confident you are casting your vote for the first time based on facts and not fiction.

You’ll also receive custom messages teaching you fact-checking skills from MediaWise Ambassadors including Dave Jorgenson of @thewashingstonpost TikTok account, political reporter Jessica Yellin (@jessicayellin on Instagram), PBS NewsHour anchor and correspondent Hari Sreenivasan and others.

There is a ton of misinformation on the internet, and these fact-checking tips will help you even after the election is over, so sign up and send to a friend too!

Special thanks to Facebook for making this course available for free for the first 100,000 participants.

About MediaWise

MediaWise is a nonpartisan, nonprofit digital media literacy initiative led by The Poynter Institute. Its mission is to teach Americans of all ages how to sort fact from fiction online. MediaWise content has been viewed 17 millions times by more than 9 million people since the project launched in 2018. The MediaWise program teaches people through in-person and virtual training events, online educational videos, fact-checking content reported by its Teen Fact-Checking Network, and its MediaWise Ambassador program — a group of prominent journalists and influencers who help promote the MediaWise mission. In 2020, Poynter launched the MediaWise Voter Project (#MVP2020) to teach first-time voters how to find reliable information online about the U.S. presidential election in a new initiative supported by Facebook.