Updated: March 17, 2022
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Teach your students basic fact-checking skills, like how to verify photos and videos, the difference between “cheap fakes” and “deepfakes,” and how to spot other misinformation red flags.

MediaWise Masterclass: How to be a fact-checker in under 20 minutes

The MediaWise Campus Correspondent program is a group of college and graduate students who teach fact-checking and digital media literacy skills at campuses across the country. In this video, they break down the most crucial tools and techniques taught during their live workshops.

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The foundation of any fact-check starts with these three questions, developed by the Stanford History Education Group:

  1. Who’s behind the information?
  2. What’s the evidence?
  3. What do other sources say?

Download our free poster!

Use this free poster as a reminder for your students to stay skeptical when it comes to images, videos and posts on social media.


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These crucial media literacy skills can help prevent misinformation’s real-world consequences for generations.