MediaWise Programs

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Key Terms

As you explore our resources, keep these key terms in mind:
Lateral Reading is a strategy that involves going beyond a post or article and opening multiple browser tabs to research who is behind the information.
Reading Upstream involves following links within a news story or claim directly to the original source of information or the primary sources referenced.

Our innovative, digital-first programs address the ever-changing landscape of misinformation across the internet. Anyone of any age can find videos, courses and other resources to help them separate fact from fiction online in the links below.

On Campus

The Poynter-Google News Initiative Misinformation Student Fellowship is a program that places 10 student journalists…

March 11, 2022

En Español

MediaWise en Español es una iniciativa de alfabetización mediática digital para hispanohablantes en los Estados…

March 11, 2022