Austin Houck — University of Virginia



I was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of the nation’s capital. I live with my parents, my younger brother and sister, three cats and my dog, Ginger. I love politics, math, history and computers, as well as playing and watching basketball and soccer. I’m a founder of Homoglobin, an LGBTQ 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, and have worked on state legislation to change public school curricula. I hope to one day either become a legislator at the state or national level, or to develop software applications. One of my current ideas is to bring back the World War I and II concept of victory gardens as a community-based collective project, as well as helping us move towards better, more efficient food production.

“This election has shown the immense power over public perception that is wielded by the media. Used disingenuously, it can have devastating effects on civil discourse, voter turnout and our democracy as a whole. I joined this program because I’m tired of the misinformation that’s rampant both online, in print and out of the mouths of our elected officials. We’re better than this.”