Carl Azuz

Journalist, News & Features


Carl Azuz’s journalism career spans more than two decades working at CNN. Most prominently, Carl spent 15 years as the face of CNN 10 (formerly CNN Student News), appearing to millions of viewers worldwide. In his show, Carl delivered unbiased, facts-only news stories in 10-minute segments for students aged 13 and older, and adults who wanted a daily news rundown without any commentary. Carl gained popularity among educators for his down-the-middle, unbiased news coverage; he gained popularity among students for his authentic, high-energy delivery and wordplay. Having served a generation of young news viewers, Carl is adamant about personable and respectful reporting, infusing feature stories with humor, and learning to present multiple sides of a controversy without appearing to take one.

Prior to anchoring CNN 10, Carl worked his way through the ranks at CNN beginning as an entry-level teleprompter operator just two days after graduating from the University of Georgia.

Carl and his family live outside of Atlanta, Georgia. All of his socks are argyles; his favorite movies are set in the 1940s; he believes in faith, hope and love; and he argues you’re not really driving a car unless it has a manual transmission.

Anyone can offer an opinion. Before you advocate, learn how to tell a story the hard way – the way that presents different perspectives without judging them. This will build your trust among a broader audience and hopefully build viewers’ trust in the media that serve them.

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