Chris Sheridan

Adjunct; Leadership Consultant; Professor, Wake University

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Chris is a coach, educator and storyteller who knows that getting to the right answer starts with asking the right question.  After 20+ years in the media space, he now helps leaders, teams and organizations reach the next level, find their story, through coaching, consulting and facilitation.

For 25 years Chris used his curiosity, creativity and clarity to entertain inform and inspire. Now, he is using his years of journalism training to ask the right question, get to the core of the issue and then using his decades of coaching communication and leadership skills to put that new information to work.

As a coach, Chris gives teams and their leaders the tools, techniques and mindset needed to embrace sustainable change. As a consultant, he challenges teams and organizations to identify their unique value proposition – their “North Star” – and helps them put that new knowledge to work. As a facilitator, he helps teams and organizations connect the dots and see a new way of being.

Chris is also a professor of practice at Wake Forest University, where he focuses on storytelling and strategy in the changing sports and media landscape.