Elif Onay — Stony Brook University (New York)



Elif Onay is a third-year student at Stony Brook University studying political science with minors in Spanish and environmental studies. She’s originally from Brooklyn, New York, but grew up on Staten Island. Her family is from Turkey so as a first-generation American, she’s had a taste of both cultures. Elif is a huge lover of animals, especially cats — and is a mother to one named Haydut, which is Turkish for “bandit.” Her interests lie within politics and video games (particularly The Sims), but when she isn’t involved with those, she is working with her campus’s Center for Civic Justice. She has a passion for informing students about the importance of voting and helping them register to do so.

“The mission of MediaWise is a rather crucial one — to keep people informed and make educated decisions where it matters most. I believe the youth harbor so much potential and power to make change and that begins with having the right information.”