Enock Nyariki

Community and Impact Manager, IFCN

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Before joining the IFCN team, Enock Nyariki held the managing editor and news editor positions at IFCN signatory PesaCheck, Africa’s largest indigenous fact-checking organization working to debunk misleading claims said by public figures in 12 African countries. He led a team of 35 employees to verify statements in five languages including Amharic, French, English, Afaan Oromo and Swahili. Nyariki, who attended Moi University and the University of Nairobi, serves as a representative for the fact-checking community in Africa, the Middle East and Turkey region in Meta’s Third-Party Fact-Checking Consulting Group and addresses harassment against fact-checkers as a member of an IFCN working group launched in July 2021. He has spoken at various journalism events including the International Symposium on Online Journalism, The African Investigative Journalism Conference and Highway Africa.