Hari Sreenivasan

Anchor of PBS NewsHour Weekend and Amanpour and Company contributor

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Hari Sreenivasan is the anchor of PBS NewsHour Weekend, an Amanpour and Company contributor, a senior correspondent for PBS NewsHour and host of the national public television series SciTech Now. Previously, the Emmy-winning journalist worked for CBS News, reporting regularly on the CBS Evening News, The Early Show and CBS Sunday Morning. Before that, he served as an anchor and correspondent for ABC News, reporting for ABC News Now, World News Tonight, Nightline and anchoring World News Now.

“Sharing reliable facts has become increasingly difficult. Having a fourth estate a reader can trust is crucial to a functioning democracy. We all practice small acts of journalism every day when we share what we think is a fact with a friend or family member, so it is incumbent on all of us to be able to discern truth from fiction. I’m excited to play a small part in MediaWise’s crucial endeavor.”