Ingrid Nilsen


Ingrid Nilsen is a New York City Creative and Online Video Personality who has spent 10 years pioneering a new industry that has changed the way media and advertising is consumed. With over 8 million followers across her social channels, Nilsen uses her platform to challenge the beauty and wellness industry through informative content and interviews with some of the world’s most influential people, including President Obama and Bill and Melinda Gates. Her CoverGirl Ambassadorship was the first brand partnership of its kind between a traditional beauty brand and an online personality, and she has gone on to partner with global brands like Amazon, Unilever, and bareMinerals. Nilsen was awarded the Digital Innovator Award by TrevorLive, the Streamy Beauty Channel Award, was selected for Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 and named a UN Change Ambassador for Gender Equality.


“In today’s media world, misinformation is circulating at such a rapid rate that media literacy is important now more than ever. That’s why I believe the MediaWise project is providing tools that every person should have.”