Jane Lytvynenko

Senior research fellow TaSC project, Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center Freelance reporter


Jane Lytvynenko is an internationally acclaimed reporter, researcher, and trainer. She’s currently a senior research fellow on the Tech and Social Change Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center where she’s developing and teaching a curriculum to newsrooms on investigating disinformation. She’s also researching the spread of both accurate information and network propaganda surrounding the war in Ukraine. Previously, Jane was a senior reporter on the BuzzFeed News technology team where she wrote about disinformation for five years. Her groundbreaking work has uncovered propaganda networks, exposed far-right organizations, and brought fast, accessible fact-checking to broad audiences during crises. As a freelance reporter, her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, and MIT Tech Review. Jane is from Kyiv, Ukraine and resides in Boston with her giant, mean cat Begemot.