Lance Reece — Claflin University (South Carolina)



I am from Columbia, South Carolina, and come from a family of four. I love creating short/films, working out, playing music and most recently, traveling. I aspire to become a film director and actor. To prepare for my movie career, I’m participating in programs like the “Media Paw’d” at Claflin University. The Media Paw’d is a source of student news for our school and showcases students, events and the surrounding community. As its content leader, I complete voice-overs, formulate scripts and edit footage.

“I chose the MediaWise Voter Project because I knew that it would provide growth in every aspect of communications, from public speaking and scriptwriting to editing and using my mind creatively. … Since joining, I have voted for the first time in the primaries and understand jargon that I was never accustomed to on my campus. I am excited to see where I can take this program and what I can do to enhance the community!”