Lillian Witte Fibe

Brazilian Journalist

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Lillian Witte Fibe is a Brazilian journalist who has worked in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and digital media throughout her career. She covered economics and politics for various publications including Folha de S.Paulo, Gazeta Mercantil, Jornal do Brasil and Veja magazine. Lillian Witte Fibe’s career in broadcast journalism spans across TV Bandeirantes, SBT, TV Globo, and TV Cultura. She anchored Jornal do SBT, Jornal da Globo and Jornal Nacional as well as Jornal da Lílian on Terra and UOL News on UOL. Lillian Witte Fibe also hosted the popular talk show Roda Viva and was an economics commentator for Rádio Excelsior AM in São Paulo and Rádio Bandeirantes.