Mary Snapp

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Microsoft


Mary brings her experience and perspective from over 30 years at Microsoft to lead strategic initiatives in the office of the president.

She formerly led the team responsible for Microsoft’s philanthropic efforts. That team seeks to invest the company’s strongest assets – technology, money,

employee talent, and the company’s voice – to partner with nonprofits and communities  to create lasting positive impact. In the most recent fiscal year, Microsoft’s total annual  giving surpassed $1 billion, with cash donations of nearly $120 million and in kind  donations worth nearly $950 million.

Prior to Microsoft Philanthropies, Mary was Deputy General Counsel leading legal  support for engineering and services. She led legal support for Bing as a start up and  Microsoft Windows as an established operating system. During those years, she led  legal support for a number of significant acquisitions.

Mary is an active board leader and community volunteer for nonprofit organizations in  Seattle and around the country. She currently serves on the board of directors YWCA of  Seattle, King, and Snohomish County, The Seattle Art Museum, the National 4-H Council  and The Farm Foundation. She also serves her alma mater, University of Michigan, on  the President’s Advisory Group.

Mary joined the company in 1988 as Microsoft’s fourth attorney, and its first female  attorney.