Mickey Osterreicher

General Counsel, National Press Photographers Association

Mickey Osterreicher is experienced in contract, media, copyright and First Amendment Law. He has been actively involved in matters such as cameras in the courtroom, the federal shield law, media access, public photography, use of drones for newsgathering and copyright infringement. He handles legal and public relations analysis, multi-media communications, risk assessment and planning as well as policy development and implementation. Mickey is known for identifying, assessing and communicating well under adverse circumstances with short deadlines, as he possess years of experience dealing with fast-breaking and complex issues.

Mickey was involved with the drafting of the Fair Trial/Free Press and Cameras in the Courtroom section of the New York State Bar Association Journalists’ Handbook. He writes regularly for the Media Law Resource Center and the National Press Photographers Association’s magazine as well as other online publications and has been quoted in the news nationally on these issues. Additionally, Mickey has been an adjunct lecturer in Photojournalism at the State University of New York at Buffalo and an adjunct law professor in media and the law at the SUNY Buffalo Law School.

He serves as general counsel to the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and is of counsel to Finnerty Osterreicher & Abdulla. He is an award-winning photojournalist with over40 years of experience. Mickey’s work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times, Newsweek and USA Today as well as on ABC World News Tonight, Nightline, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News and ESPN.