Savannah Munn — Mississippi State University



Savannah Munn is a proud native of Starkville, Mississippi, where she currently attends Mississippi State University as a sophomore studying political science and communication. Through her studies, she aims to understand how the media shapes our political landscape and work within this system to improve public participation in policy creation, political advocacy and voting.  This past year has been an eventful one for Savannah; she became a cat-mom, organized and hosted her first Model United Nations conference, and began as a student worker at her university’s Social Science Research Center. Despite her recent achievements, her little sister and best friend, Mary Katherine, never fails to keep her humble with a pointed joke. In her downtime, Savannah has a weakness for watching reality TV with her roommates, filling out coloring books and listening to the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack on repeat.

“I’m so thrilled to have the privilege to work on this project. Young voters have the right to know if the information they’re absorbing through social media and other platforms is accurate and legit, and this program gives them those tools. I hope that through our work, first-time voters cast their ballot confident that they know precisely who and what they’re voting for.”