Sean Marcus

Faculty, Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School

Sean Marcus has spent 20 years teaching high school in Tampa Bay, twelve in public schools and eight in local independent schools. He has taught journalism, television production, creative writing and graphic design, and advised nationally recognized publications. Marcus holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a master’s degree in English education, both from the University of South Florida. As a lifelong learner, he has pursued learning opportunities ranging from bookbinding and letterpress printing to digital citizenship and internet safety. He has presented at the Florida Council of Independent Schools’ annual conference, as well as at journalism education conferences at the local, state and regional level. In addition to coordinating Poynter’s high school program, Marcus is proud to have contributed to the course design of MediaWise’s self-directed fact-checking courses. When he is not teaching, he is busy curating his Twitter feed with a range of reliable news sources, reading and hanging out with his wife and three children.