Stéphane Mayoux


Stéphane Mayoux is an executive coach whose professional DNA is rooted in 25 years of BBC international journalism. Stéphane has been closely supporting media companies across Europe through their digital transitions. He is a fully accredited psychotherapist and sees individual clients in his private practice in London.

For over 20 years, Stéphane’s produced and edited BBC radio and television programmes about Africa, for Africa and from an African perspective. Before Stéphane stepped aside to focus on digital transformation, he was the editor of Focus on Africa TV on BBC World Television.

Stéphane has used his coaching skills to co-design and co-deliver three years of digital change workshops within BBC News. He is now in the midst of Year 3 of Table Stakes Europe, a digital transformation programme for local, regional and national newspapers across Europe.

As a psychotherapist, Stéphane specializes in trauma and cross-racial therapy.

Stéphane is constantly and profoundly interested in people, in what causes change, growth, and performance. He has a deep interest in race, gender, identity and power and how they play out in newsrooms or organizations, during therapy sessions and in the wider society.

Stéphane holds a Masters in Business Management from one of France’s leading business schools, ESCP. He also holds an MSc in Psychotherapy from the Metanoia Institute/Middlesex University in the UK.