Zuna Ramos — Suffolk University



I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as an only child who never felt like one. My time was divided between my big family, my tight-knit group of friends and trying new things. From sports to drawing to theater to reading to dance, I loved them all. Despite my variety of hobbies, my curiosity has always been a powerful constant in my life. Getting to know the world around me is still what fascinates me the most to this day. Understanding the way things work and analyzing different perspectives makes me feel like I am making the most out of life. As a result, this comprehensive holistic approach is what inspires me to instigate change. Thus, after completing my bachelors, I intend to pursue my masters to then go into law school. A few years from now  — hopefully sooner — you will be able to find me travelling every inch of the globe with a copy of José Martí’s “Nuestra América” in hand and the grandest smile on my face.

“I learned the most powerful tool a person could possess is education. By analyzing the present and its origins, we are able to create new opportunities for ourselves without having to rely on others; allowing us to break free from stagnation. This program has the power to educate the most powerful assets of the nation, our youth. By motivating them and equipping them with the right tools we can form a better future for us and our successors. Voting may be an individual action, but together those ballots form the reality we choose for ourselves. Democracy allows us to change that reality rather than accept it as fate. Not everyone has this opportunity, why not take it?”