Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Poynter Institute?

The Poynter Institute is a global leader in journalism. It is the world’s leading instructor, innovator, convener and resource for anyone who aspires to engage and inform citizens in 21st century democracies. We train reporters, broadcasters, documentarians and storytellers to pursue excellence in media and public discourse. Our faculty of Pulitzer Prize and Edward R. Murrow award winners teach seminars both in-person at our campus in St. Petersburg, Fla. and virtually host e-courses, webinars and video tutorials. is one of the world's most visited websites for news about the news business and our e-learning site, News University, hosts one of the world's largest online journalism curricula.

What is NewsU?

Poynter's News University is one of the world's most innovative online journalism and media training programs ever created. From multimedia techniques to writing and reporting, we've got more than 400 free and affordable courses. As the e-learning project of The Poynter Institute, NewsU extends Poynter’s mission as a school for journalists, future journalists, teachers of journalism and anyone interested in the craft and values of storytelling.

Begun in 2005 with generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Poynter's News University currently has more than 400,000 registered users, including a growing percentage from outside North America.

Who can benefit from being Poynter Prepared?

Anyone can benefit by being Poynter Prepared. If you want to learn new skills or improve on existing skills in writing and editing, you can benefit. We also have a variety of courses available in subjects such as design, graphics, typography, ethics, leadership, software and technical training.

How do I check my profile to see my course status and information?

For answers to your questions regarding your course status for, email For courses from NewsU, go to After logging in, click the “My NewsU” tab.

Where can I find a list of all the classes that Poynter offers?

Go to

What credit cards do you accept? Do you accept checks?

We accept all major credit cards. We also accept checks as payment.

Can I retake courses that I have already completed?

Absolutely! You may feel the need to take a Webinar or any of our courses another time to refresh your memory. Once you purchase the course, it is yours to retake as much as you like. However, though you can retake the Certificate Program self-directed courses as many times as you'd like, you can only retake the assessments three times.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, for specific learning opportunities. Check the course description page for info on whether scholarships are available.

How do I receive my NewsU promo codes?

Your promo codes will be sent to you via email after purchase.

Can I combine Training Points or member discounts?

Training Points are tied to your account at Poynter's NewsU and may be combined with promo codes. Poynter values its relationships with all of our training partners. To that end, members of many media organizations are eligible for discounts on our programs as a member benefit. However, these discounts cannot be combined if you are a Poynter member as well as a member of one of our participating partner organizations.

Do I have to travel to St. Petersburg, Fla. to be trained?

No. Although there are great educational opportunities at the Institute, you can get a majority of our training right from your computer. Seminars that take place in St. Petersburg, Fla. are often available online as a live-stream.

Are there other training partnerships with Poynter and other journalism organizations or media companies?

Poynter also has created customized programs for over 20 organizations to meet strategic training needs. Its training partners include Google, Gannett, McClatchy, Journal Media, The Associated Press, National Geographic, Univision and the Institute of International Education's Fulbright Scholar program. For more information on training partnerships or custom training, click here.

Does the Poynter Prepared membership automatically renew or will I receive notification?

You will receive a reminder email 14 days before your membership expires. We will not automatically renew your membership without your permission.

What if I am not in the United States?

It does not matter what country you live in. Just make sure your system meets the minimum technical requirements that can be viewed at the bottom of each course page.

My company has a training partnership with Poynter. Does that make me a member?

No. Training partnerships are different from our membership program. 

I have been affiliated with Poynter in the past. How do I become a member?

While you are certainly an alum, this new program was created to benefit both past, present and future affiliates of Poynter. This requires you to sign up for membership on the membership page.

I registered, but I haven’t received my confirmation email.

Please contact or call us at (727) 821-9494 

I am a journalism educator. Are group discounts available for my students or colleagues? 

Please contact or call us at (727) 821-9494 

I’ve attended a Poynter seminar, Webinar or an event at Poynter. Does that make me a member?

Unfortunately, this does not make you a member, but we hope you enjoyed the course and would still like to join the Poynter family through our membership program. 

How often is Poynter training available to me?

Poynter training is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Poynter also adds new training to its course list frequently. Go here to view our upcoming courses.

I have more questions. What should I do?

Contact us at or call us at (727) 821-9494 for any additional questions.

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