We're on Slack!

The latest perk of being a Poynter Prepared Member is joining our Slack team — a closed community where you can interact with Poynter staff in real-time. As a Poynter member, you’ll get an invite to join our team and be part of daily conversations.

Awesome. How do I join?

Start by downloading the Slack desktop app.

When you sign in, you’ll automatically join some key channels, including #watercooler, #medianews and #guidelines. We’ll add more channels over time — and as community members, you’ll have the power to create channels, too. Just click on ‘Channels’ to see what’s available.

You can mention other members using @ and private message them. We’ll try to keep most discussions out in the open so everyone can join in. Use the “/” command to see what integrations are available, including gifs and creating polls. (But please try and use them sparingly! There is a thing as too many gifs.) You can also adjust your Slack settings to make sure the team operates in a way that works best for you.

If you’re already a member of another Slack team, you can access and easily toggle between teams on desktop and mobile. Here’s how.

What should I expect?

The Poynter Prepared Slack team is a place where we’ll talk about the latest media news, host discussions on a variety of journalism topics and introduce you to special guests.

When there are big conversations happening in the media world, you can rest assured that we’ll be talking about them on Slack. Whether you have questions about how to handle a situation or want to share your favorite longread, this is the place to do it.

While a big perk of the community is interacting with Poynter staff, we also fully expect the discussions and interactions between members to be just as fruitful. Members are part of a smart community with a lot to share!

Got anything cool coming up?

The Calendar will display all of our exciting, upcoming events. 

See you on Slack!

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