The 10 most-read fact-checking stories in 2017

2016 may have been year of the fact-checker, but 2017 wasn’t too shabby either.

This year, more than 20 new fact-checking projects launched around the world. Grants were awarded, partnerships took form and governments tried to fight fake news.

And here at the International Fact-Checking Network, we’ve ramped up our coverage of fact-checking and misinformation in order to better inform journalists around the world. This year we published 132 stories ranging from new fact-checking outlets in countries like Zimbabwe, to White House officials’ use of the phrase “alternative facts.”

Looking back, the Snopes legal battle for ownership this summer was the biggest story for our audience — it claims three spots in our 10 most-read articles. Here are the rest of our top fact-checking stories of 2017:

  1. Snopes turns to readers to avoid shutting down: 'we need your help'

  2. Snopes is locked in a legal battle for control of its website

  3. Don't ridicule 'alternative facts.' Fact-check them

  4. Did fake news help elect Trump? Not likely, according to new research

  5. The ultimate guide to bust fake tweeters: A video toolkit in 10 steps

  6. Online hoaxes about the Catalan referendum concentrated on police action in Barcelona

  7. Snopes met its $500K fundraising goal. Now what?

  8. Here’s why fighting fake news is harder on WhatsApp than on Facebook

  9. Weeks after his death, most of Paul Horner’s fake news sites are down. So what’s left

  10. Google is now highlighting fact checks in search


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