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A new site, IraqSlogger.com, offers Iraq news links, original reporting and opinion, and is aiming to be "the world's premier Iraq-focused information source."

The site, which officially launches this week, is run by former CNN news chief Eason Jordan and produced by a staff with experience in both journalism and the military. The site's contributors include 50 Iraq-based correspondents, experts, and tipsters; it also includes reporters and Iraq analysts in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Jordan says he started the site because "news consumers deserve better -- a one-stop source for serious, original, comprehensive Iraq-focused news and insight, with contributions from multiple perspectives and nationalities, including Iraqis."

Among the features you'll find on the site:

The name of the site, by the way, was inspired by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's reference to the Iraq war being a "long, hard slog."

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