29 million U.S. consumers to own e-readers in 5 years

A new report from Forrester research predicts nearly 30 million e-readers will be sold in the U.S. by the end of 2015. That is a significant increase over the 3.7 million in use at the beginning of this year.

Analyst James L. McQuivey writes that the dedicated e-reader market is under pressure from tablet PCs such as the iPad, but aggressive pricing and the overall size of the book reading market will continue to drive sales.

"By 2015, we forecast that 29.4 million US consumers will own e-readers. We recommend that strategists planning the next wave of e-readers diversify the portfolio of e-reading devices to secure their ownership of the reading experience, offering devices that range from stripped-down $49 pocket readers to full-color touch readers that erase the gap between today's e-readers and tablet PCs."


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