On the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster, front pages look back

Thirty years ago today, many of us watched on our televisions a space shuttle launch that ended in an explosion.

You can look back at some coverage from from the time and at what's happened since. Last year, I spoke with photojournalist Red Huber, who was there on assignment that day for the Orlando Sentinel. Unlike a lot of us, he doesn't remember the explosion each year on the anniversary. Instead, he remembers a moment just before.

I picture them walking together in unison as they entered the astronaut van, which I was there for. That's the image that I think about during that time. They were smiling. They were happy. We had the first teacher on board. That was huge.

Here's a collection of front pages that look back on the Challenger explosion 30 years later. Via Newsuem:

CO_DP (3)



HI_SA (2)



FL_VDS (1)



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