7 more things you really shouldn't do in your job application, cover letter or interview

On Wednesday, I shared 10 common mistakes Poynter's editorial team found while poring over job applications. In that piece, I asked for more mistakes you've seen. Here we have seven more things not to do in your job application, your cover letter and even in your interview.

  1. Be too serious

    Lucy Morgan, previously the Tampa Bay Times' capital bureau chief, wants to see some of who you are on paper.

    "Provide some proof that you have a sense of humor," she said in an email. "I never wanted to hire anyone for a job in my office that didn’t show me that they could take whatever happens with humor…"

  2. Talk like you text

    We're not all there yet.

  3. Ignore details

    Previously, I mentioned getting the name of the place you're applying right. But all the details matter.

  4. Include that summer as a lifeguard
  5. Start decorating your new place in your head
  6. Be horrible

    This one's via Facebook.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.09.25 AM


  8. Use a cutesy email address

    "It makes it feel like you haven't grown up," said my colleague Vidisha Priyanka. "It also might lead me to think that you're not aware of how many email addresses are available that you can sign up for with a better name."


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