Aaron Swartz film debuts; ads on public TV?

mediawiremorning Good morning. Here are 10 media stories. From Kristen Hare, world media news. From Sam Kirkland, some digital stories.

  1. Ads on Elmo?: Public TV station wants the Supreme Court to review a ban on ads (Variety)
  2. The Aaron Swartz movie bows today: "[T]he Internet is not some distant realm of geeks and hackers," director Brian Knappenberger tells Whitney Matheson. "It's a place where we all live. So the notion of how information flows is important to everybody." (USA Today) || The film is "a devastating meditation on what can happen when a prescient thinker challenges corporate interests and the power of the state." (NYT)
  3. Metaphor Watch: The news business is like a grocer who opens a second shop at the bottom of a hill that sells goods a la carte rather than in a bundle, and while some people continue to give the first shop their custom, many more will patronize the second shop. (Online Journalism Blog)
  4. The NYT can't shutter what it never had: The New York Times "never had blogs." (Scripting News)
  5. Kibosh: "Gawker is unbuyable," Gawker Media honcho Nick Denton says. (Gawker)
  6. Sometimes you can't make it on your own: "I do think it’s necessary to be somewhat competent in all the new aspects of journalism," Andrew Russo writes. "But we shouldn’t all have to be experts in everything." (MediaJobsDaily)
  7. When a loss is a win, everything is upside down:
  8. Things we know Jeff Bezos has eaten for breakfast: 1) Pancakes (CJR); 2) Octopus (WSJ)
  9. Ow: "I’ve even unfollowed Twitter buddies for the misdemeanor of retweeting a benign World Cup tweet." Jack Shafer explains his no-World Cup-tweets policy. (Reuters) || "@jackshafer doesn't want to talk about soccer. Writes column about soccer sharing via social media. Forced to talk about soccer all day." (Dave Cohn)
  10. Growing the audience: Aliens "Probably" don't read The Wall Street Journal (Jim Romenesko)

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