Abramson and Sulzberger's awkward photo, Mike Allen was at Romney donor conference

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories to start your day. Also, here's Sam Kirkland's roundup of digital stories, as well as some job moves Tuesday. Did we miss anything? Email me: abeaujon@poynter.org.

  1. Politico's Mike Allen and Bloomberg's Mark Halperin participated in last week's summit of Mitt Romney donors in Park City, Utah, Erik Wemple reports. "It was a useful chance to hear the pitches of 2016 possibles," Allen tells Wemple, burying the lede a little: Mike Allen still replies to Erik Wemple's emails. (The Washington Post)
  2. The police department in Suffolk County, New York, settled with photojournalist Philip Datz in a case that followed his 2011 arrest while filming a police scene. The cops agreed to "agreed to pay Datz $200,000, implement a new training program (including a training video), and create a Police-Media Relations Committee." (NPAA)
  3. "Latino participation in mainstream English-language media is stunningly low," a study released by Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race says. "Latinos currently make up 0% of studio or network presidents, CEOs and owners. Among the top 53 TV, radio and studio executives (including chairpersons), only one (1.88%) is Latina." (Columbia University)
  4. "Audiences are liars, and the media organizations who listen to them without measuring them are dupes," Derek Thompson writes. (The Atlantic)
  5. Politico will stay in Arlington, Virginia, in a building with "a large outdoor terrace and tremendous Washington views." (FishbowlDC)
  6. New Yorker cartoonist Charlie Barsotti died Tuesday. (The New Yorker)
  7. Vox.com is attracting more readers than FiveThirtyEight. (Capital)
  8. Columbia University photographer Eileen Barroso captured a photo of Jill Abramson and Arthur Sulzberger Jr. together at last month's Pulitzer luncheon. (CJR)
  9. Eight of the 18 people in Gawker's "recruits" program "will either continue as long-term contributors or get hired on full-time," Jeremy Barr reports. "Definitely better than I expected," Gawker Media editorial director Joel Johnson says. (Capital)
  10. Three Philly.com executive producers resigned Monday. Some staffers tell Ralph Cipriano that Brian Tierney is acting more like publisher than a sales consultant. (Big Trial)

We're bringing back the morning roundups I did when I first started at Poynter in 2012. Their format may change wildly until we figure out what works. If you've got suggestions, criticisms or you'd like me to email you this roundup each morning, please email me: abeaujon@poynter.org.

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