Abramson: It may be weird that I haven't tweeted yet, but...

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"I haven't felt the need until now" to set up a Twitter account, says Jill Abramson. "I'm an interior kind of person." The next New York Times executive editor tells Ed Pilkington that she has an iPad and loves the Huffington Post's app. ("It's really jazzy.") Abramson also says:

I think everybody here knows what kind of stories excite me most: hard-edged, deeply reported investigative stories, rich on-the-ground international stories, so I don't think anyone is fearful that I'm going to bring soft news on to the front page.

I know I didn't get this job because I'm a woman; I got it because I'm the best qualified person. But nonetheless what it means to me is that the executive editor of the New York Times is such an important position in our society, the Times itself is indispensable to society, and a woman gets to run the newsroom, which is meaningful.

In her New York Observer piece, Kat Stoeffel brings up Abramson's column -- soon to be a book -- about her puppy's first year. Stoeffel writes:

The puppy column illustrates what’s most groundbreaking about Ms. Abramson’s rise: she accomplished it without fully accommodating herself to the institution’s still largely male culture (especially at the managing editor level). She is stylishly dressed. She is proud to have played a crucial role in national security stories and is an unabashed fan of T Magazine.

“After 25 years of work as an investigative reporter and editor, I’m not too worried about being taken seriously,” Ms. Abramson told The Observer.

John Koblin also has an Abramson piece in today's WWD. A senior newsroom source tells him:

Jill has always been more tense than Bill and that makes other people tense. She needs to rise above that a bit and have the calmness of a great leader. But she has the job. There’s nothing else to prove. She can relax a little now that she’s in the throne.

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