Adobe AIR aims to be cross-platform mobile solution

On the same day two dozen cellular carriers united to fight Apple's domination of the mobile application market, Adobe has announced the release of its own cross-platform development solution for mobile: AIR. AIR is currently positioned as a desktop runtime environment allowing developers to create software that will run on multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Adobe plans to release a mobile version of the framework for Android and Blackberry phones in 2010. Apple has yet to sign onto AIR or Adobe's dominant video technology, Flash, for the iPhone but Reuters quotes Adobe's David Wadhwani, "I suspect that what will happen is that as we have more devices in the market ... Apple will have more market pressure" to include Flash and presumably AIR.
>Adobe brings AIR to Android, promises Flash 10.1 in the first half of the year (Engadget)
>Brightcove Pushes Mobile Video with Flash 10.1 Support (


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