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Advertising appears in the following areas of Poynter Online:

  • as banner ads atop selected pages of the site and within the body of the columns;
  • as banner ads atop selected e-mail newsletters and in the body of the newsletters;
  • in tile ads at the right top of each page throughout the site;
  • in skyscraper ads run of site, midway down the column below careers on each page of Poynter Online.

In addition to these options, we offer TEXT ADS in the right rail, run of site below the job postings and above the skyscraper. Each display ad and text ad allows advertisers to connect with their site through a URL.

We also publish help-wanted advertising and special "Featured Employer" ads.

You'll find details about those here.

Here are a few questions and answers about advertising on Poynter Online:

What are your standards for ads posted on Poynter Online?

  1. Poynter Online reserves the right to reject any advertising. Some considerations that may prompt us to reject an ad include:
  • Offensive: Content must not be patently offensive and cannot contain attacks of personal nature. They must not be libelous, threatening, harassing or overly competitive or refer abusively to the goods and services of others.
  • Misleading: Content must be accurate and in no way fraudulent, deceptive or misleading. Ads that describe a book or product as “best seller” must contain a citation to the relevant best seller list.
  • Illegal: The Content cannot violate civil, municipal, provincial/state or federal laws.
  • Conflict with Poynter Values: The content cannot conflict with the values the Poynter Institute upholds. (See our mission and standards guiding publishing.)

Why have you added advertising to Poynter Online?
In order to enhance the services that Poynter provides to the journalism community -- better training, a new site designs, additional scholarships -- we need additional revenue. And just like the news organizations we serve, we need to develop new ways to generate that income. The help-wanted advertising included in the new Poynter Career Center is designed to serve media companies as well as individuals. We're working hard to make sure that this and other forms of advertising on Poynter Online measure up to Poynter's standards of integrity and transparency at the same time they help us finance the work of the Institute.

What organizations do you expect will purchase ads on Poynter Online?
We believe there will be a variety of advertisers: all groups that are interested in reaching the site's targeted audience of journalists, educators, and students around the world. But we also accept advertising from non journalism vendors and retailers who want to reach our audience. Poynter reserves the right to reject any ad.

How can I purchase an ad?
Please contact Poynter's Tina Dyakon at 727-553-4343 or For more information about Poynter Career Center ads, click here for an FAQ.

How do you handle privacy issues?
You'll find our privacy policy here. We do not make information about individual users available to advertisers or other third parties.


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