AOL puts Android first in mobile strategy

The Internet portal formerly known as America Online rolled out several new mobile tools Thursday, including two Android apps and an HTML5 site aimed at smart phones. Kevin C. Tofel reports that AOL is prioritizing development for Google's open-source Android platform:

" 'Momentum is the key reason,' [David Temkin, the new VP of mobile for AOL] said, and I have to agree with him. Even with a record quarter of iOS4 devices, Google is on pace to have more Android activations than Apple will this year. Temkin was quick to point out that several AOL apps are already available for iOS4 devices and that the new AOL portal app should follow in the future."

Tofel does note that AOL already has apps for both the iPhone and BlackBerry platforms.

> AOL Rolls Out HTML5 Mobile Site And New Android Apps (TechCrunch)


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