AP unveils new logo for first time in 30 years

The Associated Press announced a new logo this morning, an update of the one that's perched elegantly atop stylebooks for 30 years. The letters are now black, the "A" no longer leans against the "P" in an avuncular fashion, and both letters are on the same baseline. A red bar under the letters recalls the previous color scheme. The "stencil look" of the previous logo is preserved, but the "bridges" (the gaps in a stencil) are more pronounced.

The new logo (shown right) was produced by the New York design firm Objective Subject. Its predecessor (shown left) was designed internally three decades ago.

Here's a look at all the AP logos through the years:

The AP has had eight logos, including the new one, since 1900. Note: Though the newest logo says "2011" it was actually introduced in 2012. This video also shows the logos through the years.
The branding package comes with some guidance on color, typography and integration of the logo with images.

Retiring AP president and CEO Tom Curley explains the evolution in a video:

Among the logo and branding treatments shown, there is a cover treatment for this year's edition of the AP Stylebook, to be released in the spring. The treatment is one of the options they're looking at as part of the rebranding, but "we haven’t settled on this year’s cover yet," says Colleen Newvine, Stylebook product manager.
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