Apple iPad creates opportunities, not solutions, for publishers

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While the blog-o-sphere reacts with both enthusiasm and disappointment to yesterday's Apple iPad announcement, the question for publishers remains: Is there a business model in there somewhere? Wired has a rundown on the industry impact for books, TV, film, music, newspapers and magazines. They answer perhaps most succinctly, "Apple's device is what publishers make of it."
> In The Wall Street Journal, Sean Reily seconds that emotion, saying the question for publishers is, "What are they going to do with this new set of tools? It just goes back to how good newspapers are at presenting their content and how well they can differentiate themselves."
> In the Globe and Mail, Toronto-based new media analyst Kaan Yigit calls the iPad "the best chance ... newspaper and magazine content publishers have."
> In The New York Times, David Carr calls the new device a "game changer," though one with an uncertain outlook for news publishers. He points to the splintering of delivery platforms, and price points as a challenge. "Publishing companies can't expect to offer customized pricing on separate devices -- one price for Kindle, another for the tablet, and still another for people arriving on computers -- and not be buried in a wave of second guessing."
> Print publishers should not feel alone in their uncertain outlook. The LA Weekly blog asks, "Should Hollywood Be Afraid Of The iPad?"
> Media Execs Weigh in on iPad Launch: Where's the Print? (Media Week)
> Can iPad save media? Skeptics weigh in (Alan Mutter, Reflections of a Newsosaur)
> Will the iPad Help Media? Possibly. Save Media? No. (GigaOm)
> Not a Chance: E-readers Can't Save Newspapers (Media Post)
> Condé, Hearst, Time Inc. on iPad (WSJ Digits)


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