Archived Chat: How Do I Teach Online Comment Moderation?

In this week's educators chat, Logan Aimone, executive director of the National Scholastic Press Association, discussed how college media staffs (and even high school staffs) are dealing with user comments on their Web sites.

In an e-mail, Aimone mentioned that comment moderation is a concern not just for mainstream news organizations but for college media organizations. He said he's noticed sites handle comments in different ways. Many sites allow unmoderated comments and varying levels of anonymous conversation on their site, while others turn comments off altogether. One trend in college media has been to use Facebook as a means to channel conversation.

Aimone joined us from the National College Media Convention (Twitter hashtag: #ncmc09) to discuss these issues, hear your examples and suggestions, and answer any questions participants had.

You can revisit this link at any time to replay the chat.

  • Ellyn Angelotti

    Since joining The Poynter Institute in 2007, Ellyn Angelotti has helped Poynter explore the journalistic values and the legal challenges related to new technologies, especially social media.


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