Best maps show closest-ever Iowa caucus results

We do not know yet who will win the Iowa GOP caucus -- NBC's Chuck Todd said the network will not "call" or project the winner, but will wait for the votes to be counted -- in a race as close as ever in that state. But visuals can illustrate the difference between the emerging winner and the losers. Here are some of the more interesting maps I saw Tuesday night. (Email me others.)

Google debuted a new election section Tuesday that includes this map.
The New York Times map allows users to see the size of the lead and filter by previous results and demographics.
The L.A. Times map combines voting data, an easy-on-the-eyes color palette and strong mug shots of the candidates.
A simplified version of The Washington Post map appears on the site's home page as well as its politics section front.
The Des Moines Register map enables filtering by leader, margin & location, but the results were unavailable much of Tuesday night.

Some news sites bypassed maps and instead had ticker-style results across the top of the page or on their politics section fronts.

Politico has a banner across the top of its homepage with results and a link to details. displayed results across the top of its website.
CNN featured a leaderboard of tallies, but no map.


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