The best questions from Jeopardy's journalism 'Power Players' this week

It's Jeopardy's "Power Players" week, and J! Archive (which is the type of site that will make you believe in the Internet all over again) has clever interactive recaps of Monday through Wednesday's shows. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace did not win any money for answers in the "Fair and Balanced" category Wednesday night, but he did win for answers in The New York Times' arts category. CNN's Lizzie O'Leary cleaned up in the "Act like a Journalist" category. Chris Matthews correctly identified Dean Acheson by his old cabinet job on Monday, for instance, which sounds impressive until you learn that Robert Gibbs apparently knew Hazel O'Leary's old job off the top of his head. These D.C. people, I tell you! Below, some of the best questions in those first three days, plus who answered them.

• Keanu Reeves was born in this Lebanese capital. (Robert Gibbs, May 14)

• Operation Frequent Wind, the largest helicopter evacuation, removed Americans from this country in 1975 (Chris Matthews, showing what I must imagine to be remarkable restraint, May 14)

• Of "squatting water buffalo", "one-legged king pigeon" or "happy dancing goat", the one that's a real yoga position (Lizzie O'Leary, May 14)

• The scarlet macaw, part of this talkative family, has beautiful plumage but an ugly squawk (David Faber, host of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," believe it or not, May 15)

• From 1951 to 1953 this future first lady was an inquiring photographer for the Washington Times-Herald (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, May 15)

• In 1978 she hosted a Baltimore chat show called "People Are Talking"; her move to Chicago ended up working out (Dana Perino, May 15)

• Times reviewers sigh & musicians' unions fume over dance companies like Paul Taylor's using music presented this way (Chris Wallace, May 16)

• "Reagan wears the flag of his country in his lapel"; this Soviet leader "wears the map of his country on his forehead" (Katty Kay, May 16)

• The Trylon & the Perisphere were symbols of this 1939 event held in New York (Dr. Oz, May 16)

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  • Andrew Beaujon

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