Big Bird fight lives on on newspaper pages

Had enough Big Bird yet? Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs said Wednesday "I don’t know of any plans to change" the commercial in which he appears, mocking Mitt Romney's desire to cut funding to PBS. Sesame Workshop requested Tuesday that the campaign remove the character.

NBC News President Steve Capus criticized the campaigns' use of news material in ads Monday night while accepting an award, "It’s not fair for our journalists and producers and it’s not fair to our citizens and it’s just lazy. I know that campaigns want to be associated with Tom Brokaw and Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams in their commercials. But let’s be honest. That’s good company, but those folks are journalists and they do not endorse this message."

A giant yellow bird looks pretty great on a front page, though.

Courtesy: The Newseum
Courtesy: The Newseum
Flemish newspaper De Morgen appears courtesy of


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