Bloggers rush to aggregate Michael Calderone’s Politico profile

Business Insider | The Atlantic Wire | Jim Romenesko | Capital New York

Michael Calderone's article about Politico, published on the new online magazine Huffington, is available only to people who have iPads. This set off a scramble among those lucky haves to share some key points with the rest of us have-nots.

Business Insider's Brett LoGiurato was first out of the gate with a 10:10 a.m. EDT piece highlighting some juicy bits: Executive Editor Jim VandeHei calling the news organization "a cult," for instance, and the news that Politico's traffic has been down for the first five months of the year.

Eric Randall at The Atlantic Wire (10:16 a.m. EDT) pulled out anonymous staffers complaining about Politico's supposed "star system" and a quote from an anonymous former staffer comparing Politico's newsroom to "The Hunger Games."

Joe Pompeo at Capital New York (10:20 a.m. EDT) grabs news of Politico's eye-popping CPM for inside-the-Beltway advertisers and notes that the news org considered doing a Sunday morning show hosted by Mark Halperin.

Jim Romenesko (10:53 EDT) digs out speculation that VandeHei and Editor in Chief John Harris "may not stick around a few years from now" and that "Politico editors have done away with the traditional going-away cake in the newsroom" due to so many people leaving.

And I'll add this killer quote from VandeHei, who says he gets "weary" of comparisons to The New York Times and The Huffington Post, and then goes on to rib HuffPo a little:

Right, you guys have about forty sub-channels, you're in different countries, you're covering sports, you have pictures and girls and all this stuff that generates a lot of traffic. We do politics. That's what we do. We do policy. That's what we do.

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