The Boston Globe ran a full-page ad thanking everybody involved in 'Spotlight'

Monday's edition of The Boston Globe features a front-page image celebrating the actors who won the Best Picture Academy Award for "Spotlight." On A3, the newspaper recognized everyone involved with the film — and the journalists who worked on the Pulitzer-winning investigation — with a full-page thank-you.

The possibility of running a house ad was brought up last week, but the paper didn't finalize the decision until Sunday morning, said Boston Globe CEO Mike Sheehan. Because of print deadlines, the ad was running whether "Spotlight" won Best Picture or not. But it's written in a manner that works either way.

"Generally, there's a feeling throughout the organization that the movie really is a faithful telling of the story," Sheehan said. "Everyone here is grateful for that."

The ad also highlights the the team behind the journalism, not just the investigation seen in the movie.

"There's also the need to thank everyone who's worked on every Spotlight story for their work," he said.

h/t Pat Miguel Tomaino


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