Boston Globe reporter retells a story on Twitter with a new chapter

Late Monday afternoon, Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker sent out the first in a long series of tweets telling a story, bit by bit, that he first told two years ago. That story, published on Dec. 29, 2011, starts with this:

George and Johnny Huynh want a better life — and they believe they can get it through school. They have to. It’s the only thing in their control.

On Monday night, Baker learned he had reason to retell George Huynh's story, and he begins with this tweet:




On Twitter, Baker retells the story of meeting George and Johnny Huynh, two brothers struggling with a tough home life. And after the story ran, Baker stayed in their lives. You can find it in full here on Storify.

Baker's tweets wrap back around to Monday, as he's waiting nervously for George Huynh to hear back from his dream college.

Baker kept tweeting as he and George went out to eat and celebrate the young man's success. George Huynh got a lot of new followers on Twitter last night, and he had a few tweets of his own.

After Baker's Tweets began, Huynh sent out this tweet, which summed everything up pretty nicely.


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